Balloons and roofs

Balloons and roofs

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hot air balloons. A night at the Abode let me awake early (5.20am) to scramble to the top of the rocks to catch the first glimpse of the sun over the ponderosas. You know when you can see the outline of the land on a high hill, and the trees poke up in a lighter filigree? This is the back-lit vision of the hills at this moment. I love it.

After yoga surrounded by rocky crags, around 6.30am the hot air balloons drifted skyward into our view. I could hear the hot air being shot into the top. I wonder what it would be like to be drifting…

Today at the site Adam and I conquer the roof. All day. Adam and I calculated and recalculated. Figured and refigured. It’s a delicate balance to figure the right proportion of the beam to the purlin to the edging of the steel corrugation. At the end of the day we were satisfied with our final numbers.(See the sketchbook drawing.)


I am in a dual Masters program in Architecture and Urban Design at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. I am participating in the RAW Dakota 2011 workshop in Custer, SD July 13-27, 2011 and blogging about the experience. Thanks for reading! – Keihly Moore

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