Beams and columns, level and plumb

Beams and columns, level and plumb

Friday, July 22, 2011

Today I am maestra again, for the second time. Today’s to-do list for the kitchen space included:
-west wall – outside horizontals – figure out the doors to the cabinets (are they removable to be used as a cutting board, or another table surface?)
-Fasten the shelves to the concrete columns
-finalize and construct the Mortise and Tenon joint
-design the joint for the tree column
-design the joint for the column opposite the tree
-figure out the countertop detailing and support
-Raise all the columns and beams into place
I will admit I was a bit nervous during the day. There’s a lot of pressure measuring the columns and beams and making sure they are plumb and square, lining up with the other concrete columns. They all seem like their own independent variables, and somehow they all have to align together in parallel and perpendicular. Tim and I tackled these measurements and checked over and over to make sure. We only had 2 6 in X 10 in beams – there was no screwing up. Paul’s previous comment rang true when he spoke about this new landscape we’ve created for ourselves (our poured concrete columns) and the interventions we’d have to carefully plan.
All in all, though, tasks got accomplished, the beams were raised, columns were plumb, beams were level. The tree column looked better than I ever expected (and chiseling it out for the beam pocket was a good workout!)
I breathed an excited sigh of relief.

Until later,

I am in a dual Masters program in Architecture and Urban Design at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. I am participating in the RAW Dakota 2011 workshop in Custer, SD July 13-27, 2011 and blogging about the experience. Do you have any thoughts you'd like to add? Thanks for reading! – Keihly Moore

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