Hump day

Hump day

Post by Eddie Kahen, BArch 2013, University of Southern California

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Maestro maestro maestro…finally it was my turn to run the show (well, kinda). The surprise treat for my special day? I was feeling a little (a lot) under the weather. Headache, coughing, nasally, congested…oh yeah, and my contacts ripped!


The day started out with my list, a set of goals that were seemingly feasible yet inevitably unattainable. My goals for the day: decking on all three floors, finishing the  tunnel, and figuring out the skin…. How? Split up into teams and chop it up, and gett help from our hard working and willing Oaxacan amigos!  Result? Typical "architect's desired work: actual work" ratio… BUT, the yielded results were still quite nice.

We got our first floor done, we finished the tunnel, we placed our structure for the second floor, and we finalized our plan for the skin. Wednesday is hump day, meaning you work extra hard because the work week is almost over and the weekend is almost here. Fortunately for us we had extra motivation to work hard…a dinner / pool party hosted by RAW supporters and San Pablo Etla residents, Bill and Mary Stecher. (Bill is a retired architect and has coordinate all sorts of things with the community for the project.)

So once our workday ended, we headed down the hill to take a nice dip in the pool just as the sun was setting across the valley. Truly a beautful view. Calm, peaceful, relaxing, and refreshing! We were greeted with ice cold beers, fresh chips, salsa and guac, followed by delicious tamales. We were even treated to a Mezcal Tasting Tour. The evening provided a nice little midweek bonding session and morale lift as we looked on to the finish line.

To quote Ice Cube, it was a good day…


– Eddie

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