In the trenches

In the trenches

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Today, dirt has a new meaning. So does formwork, and accounting for material thickness. It's nice to become more and more versatile and comfortable with power tools, work-arounds, and jumping around lines that are marking the buildings.

Tomorrow the concrete guys come. We'll have to be quick on our feet with the rebar and the rocks from the local mines that we'll be using for the facing of the foundation walls around the kitchen.

Monday, July 18, 2011 

The pour! We scurried about in the morning – assigning teams and tasks. By 9:20am we took our places, lining the trenches as the concrete truck lumbered into the site. We heard it from afar…the dread, nervousness and anticipation of the unknown was thick in the air. None of us really knew what to expect. How was the chute going to fit in our 9” wall? We had 10 minutes per cubic yard, and we had to hand place rocks –choosing flat faces that sparkled (feldspar, rose quartz, mica). We ordered 7 cubic yards of concrete, and we came up a little short, but the concrete guy was free in the afternoon, so he reloaded and came back.

I must interject that watermelon is a savior. Seriously. 87 degrees, digging and sweating, dripping…the cool wateryness of the watermelon was the best thing for the moment.

Dripping with watermelon juice,

I am in a dual Masters program in Architecture and Urban Design at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. I am participating in the RAW Dakota 2011 workshop in Custer, SD July 13-27, 2011 and blogging about the experience. Thoughts you'd like to add? Thanks for reading! – Keihly Moore

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