Arusha 2016 – UCare Family Home

About This Project

Arusha 2016

RAW partnered with two Arusha organizations that are working to help create safe spaces for Tanzanian children. UCare Project was founded with a goal of reducing child mortality by providing food, safety, and education. Neema House Arusha was created in 2012 to provide 24-hour care exclusively for orphaned infants. At this time, Neema House is the only home of its kind in Arusha and has cared for 72 infants since its inception

Arusha 2016 involved the design and construction of the UCare Family Home at Neema. Due to high levels of poverty, there are many orphaned babies, some with disabilities. This special home will house up to 12 children with disabilities and will be run by a local couple. Together with UCare, Neema House, and local resources, have worked to create a space for these children to grow up in a family setting.

“RAW was the most rewarding experience of my life. While we were all drawn into RAW through architecture, I was quick to realize it was much more than that. RAW is about connecting with fellow designers, learning about structures, but most importantly, immersing ourselves in a new culture and community, creating bonds that will live on always.” – Jason L., Penn State, 2014

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