About This Project

Oaxaca 2014 – Bungalow de Biodiversidad (Bob)

“RAW was a life changing experience that taught me a lot about building, spaces, culture and teamwork.”

– Rebecca N. U of MN, 2015

Returning to La Mesita for a fourth consecutive year, Oaxaca 2014 is another successful collaboration with the San Pablo Etla community, and is unlike the first three projects in a significant way. Where El Mirador, La Torre Inclinada, and El Arca all provide uncompromised sweeping views of the valley below, Oaxaca 2014, Bungalow de Biodiversidad, (“Bob” for short) turns its back on the valley and focuses on the unspoiled natural beauty “up” the mountains to the north. With “Bob” the building form is eroded in scale and precedent, severing any lineage to common development in the area, allowing the building to reside alone in the natural environment. On the entry side, the roof folds down to provide a clear and abrupt distinction between where the viewer is coming from and what’s next. The mountain side opens to the mountains with both expansive and framed views of select elements.

The Bungalow was completed with 6 students, several local workers, two RAW staff, the same amazing Canadian carpenter that helped on El Arca and many volunteers who provided the support to make it all happen. Participating architecture students came from Penn State, Illinois Institute of Technology and the Universities of Minnesota, Maryland and Michigan.