Oaxaca 2015 – La Puerta

About This Project

“RAW was the most rewarding experience of my life. While we were all drawn into RAW through architecture, I was quick to realize it was much more than that. RAW is about connecting with fellow designers, learning about structures, but most importantly, immersing ourselves in a new culture and community, creating bonds that will live on always.” – Jason L., Penn State, 2014

Returning to La Mesita for the fifth consecutive year, Oaxaca 2015 presented another opportunity to continue our collaboration with the community of San Pablo Etla. Joining El MiradorLa Torre InclinadaEl Arca, and 2014’s Bungalow de Biodiversidad (BOB).

After four years of creating structures on top of La Mesita, the entrance to the site became the focus in year five. At the edge of the parking lot 500 feet below the top of La Mesita, La Puerta is where visitors are first introduced to the ecological practices demonstrated on site. The simple structure is designed to focus the visitor’s attention, fading into the background and placing emphasis on the people within. Maintaining this simplicity of form created a compelling challenge for construction detailing.