Threading and thoughts

Threading and thoughts

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A valuable lesson we’ve learned is to build in reveals at material joints to make it easier to construct and hide little imperfections. We’ve found it quite valuable to have an extra ½” on each side to work with when it comes time to plumb.
In our evening conversation, we reflected on our experience thus far. Paul made good points about our progress figuring out the process of making, jumping into the unknown and anticipating the next move. As a group, we’ve had days of sputtering as these things are grappled with, but then we fall into a groove and everyone knows their place Perhaps one of my favorite points that Paul made was that our first challenge was putting something regular (2 buildings, with level floors) into an unruly and rocky landscape, and now, after our concrete pours, we’ve created for ourselves a new unruly, irregular landscape to which we must adapt and design the intervention into.

When the question was asked about our thoughts on spending so much time outdoors and how that influences the buildings, one response (from a new camper) was that thinking about things in totality really has made a difference. Everything from conserving water in showers and washing, and solar powered devices, to rocks and wood from the property has contributed to the sense of place and appropriateness in the landscape. Nan pointed out a reminder that we change nature so much faster than it changes itself [for better or for worse].

Paul said that architecture is defining itself narrower and narrower. Architecture needs to expand with greater skill sets. More people should benefit from architect’s services, and there is a need to broaden the architecture base. Nate asked –how do you change the way you view the environment? It’s not about the building; but about enhancing the inhabitants’ lives and the experience of the place. The building is only a small part.

It was good to hear everyone’s perspectives and thoughts, and the fire atmosphere added to the story telling experience.


I am in a dual Masters program in Architecture and Urban Design at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. I am participating in the RAW Dakota 2011 workshop in Custer, SD July 13-27, 2011 and blogging about the experience. Thoughts you'd like to add? Thanks for reading! – Keihly Moore

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