Two days left…

Two days left…

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Only 2 full work days left! Today we know our challenges, and we set to work. I’m “traded” to the gathering space team once again. We all rotate teams twice. This allows the opportunity for people to share thoughts, designs, and experiences between the teams as each person rotates. It also provides an extra challenge because you can never been too comfortable with a team. You learn to work with everyone and you learn who has the knowledge from previous days that you might need today. They system is also set up so that no one can really claim full ownership for design decisions, so everyone has a roll in the decisions. Rather than owning a specific design (as we are consumed with in school) I think of it as a way to learn to gain ownership of a process or task, so that you can pass this knowledge on to others in your team. So, today, just when I thought I knew all the ins and outs of the kitchen space, I jumped to the gathering space side. I also think this move brings new comers with fresh energy – looking at design challenges in new ways.

Today I jumped onto the wall team. Others were working on the roof, and I had had quite enough of that yesterday – what a brain teaser all these alignments are! Since I was last on the team, the wall idea had morphed into one of using the scribed formwork from our concrete pour as a wall texture – mimicking a rolling landscape and the Black Hills. I think it’s a perfect use of our formwork, which normally would have found its way into the dumpster. We might as well take advantage of all the work we did figuring out how to build the formwork over all the boulders under the foundation wall! Tim and I managed to find a few perfect fits to match our dimensions – the pieces lining up easily. Searching the site for cast offs, I love fitting found pieces into our jigsaw puzzle. The marks of process still adorn the cdx Portland plywood, but, to me, this adds to the story of the material, giving it a history of its own. Finishing the notched out holes for the rafters and then cutting the purlins on the gathering space side, the steel corrugation finally starts to be set into place while the walls close in with a ribbon of silhouetted landscape.

The end of the day is greeted with the brillance of the setting sun, the best time to capture photos.

Feeling accomplished and satisfied with our progress,


I am in a dual Masters program in Architecture and Urban Design at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. I am participating in the RAW Dakota 2011 workshop in Custer, SD July 13-27, 2011 and blogging about the experience. Thoughts you'd like to add? Thanks for reading! – Keihly Moore

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