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Our mission is simple: to change the way young architects think about their work and the world.

Real. Design and build for the real world; real projects, real sites, real life. Real skills and experience that employers and clients value.

Architecture. From sketches to models to plans, we mindfully design built environments for specific human needs.

Workshop. We take students out of the classroom and into an intense process of learning and doing that engages their whole being – body, mind and spirit.

“I learned so much. The incredible site, amount of design input students had, and the full range of tools and skills developed. The entire project was an opportunity to learn.”

We Believe…

  • Architects have a clear opportunity – and responsibility – to be a force for positive change.
  • Experiential learning is an essential part of education.
  • An understanding of construction and the ability to actually build things significantly expands an architect’s value to projects.
  • Good design should be available to all people, everywhere, regardless of their means.

RAW is a collection of intensive design/build workshops held in intriguing locations around the world. Each workshop presents a meaningful design challenge rooted in a rich natural and cultural context. RAW is a full-on, hands-on experience. We share knowledge and skills to design and construct beautiful and useful structures that are environmentally responsible and have clear social value.