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RAW was co-founded by Paul Neseth and Barbara Hahn in 2010. Paul, an award winning architect and seasoned carpenter, leads each workshop, assisted by a talented ensemble of architects, construction practitioners and local craftsman. Each member of the team shares a unique set of skills, perspectives and experiences during RAW.

noname (1)PAUL NESETH

MArch, Harvard GSD 1992

Paul knew he wanted to be an architect at age 10. He is co-founder of LOCUS, an award-winning Minneapolis, MN based architecture firm where he is conceptual designer, devil’s advocate, macro thinker, and comprehensive detailer. Paul brings a passion for new architectural ideas to the firm through investigations into and experiments with alternative construction methods and materials.

In 2010, he founded RAW, which offers him the chance to travel, teach, and experiment along side students enrolled in the Workshop’s intensive design/build courses. RAW is the realization of Paul’s long time dream to give young architects and students critical real-life design and building skills that expands their value and impact as architects.

He has taught design/build studios at University of Minnesota College of Design, lectured at universities and conferences in the Midwest and served as a mayoral appointee for the Committee on Urban Environment in Minneapolis, MN. Paul enjoys watching his kids play sports, tinkering with materials, and the occasional slab of pickled herring. He is a graduate of St. Olaf College (BA. Art) and Harvard University (March), and lives with his wife and two children in a South Minneapolis home designed and built by LOCUS.


MArch, Iowa State University, 2005

Though a farm-boy at heart, Adam has spent several years studying far from the cornfields of Iowa in Rome, Glasgow and Helsinki. Adam’s multidisciplinary background includes a convergence of painting, poetry, and sculpture, complimented recently by Permaculture Design certification, Yoga Teacher certification, and LEED accreditation.

Adam asserts an empathetic approach to architecture and is currently putting the philosophy to practice through residential design that promotes local economies, rapidly renewable resources and community building. He is an architect at LOCUS Architecture and when he’s not in the office or you’ll likely find him cycling, skating or tangoing throughout the Twin Cities.


MArch, University of MN College of Design, 2008

Justin’s first architecture project, at the tender age of eight, was a design/build, pre-fab, net-zero dwelling, built from beautiful, local materials and infused with a strong sense of context. Designed for the express purpose of escaping a hectic family vacation, the one-room hut on his grandfather’s land in central Wisconsin used nothing but native prairie grasses. Unfortunately, it fell over.

After discovering “Batman”, Justin put the built environment out of his mind in favor of superheroes. Twenty-five years elapsed before he thought of architecture as something that could be imaginative and engaged with nature, and enrolled in a graduate program at the U of MN College of Design.

A design/build course through the University of MN led by Paul fed Justin’s insatiable appetite for hands-on learning opportunities involving projects that have social value, architectural meaning and a sustainable focus. He is a designer with LOCUS Architecture and is thrilled to be contributing his talent and sweat to RAW.


MArch, University of MN College of Design, 2008

Architecture was never Nate’s lifelong goal, but the expression of ideas through the work of his hands was. At an early age Nate found it extremely rewarding to create. Whether with legos, paper and pencils, or computers, he enjoyed the connection from head to hands to the finished product.

Nate moved away from the small cities of Wisconsin to pursue his now passion of architecture at the University of Minnesota College of Design. Seven years of architectural education transformed his perspective of the built environment, but not the confidence to construct it. It took leaving the comfort of the classroom and actually building to push him as a designer to learn from the building experience. Nate works at VJAA and lives in Minneapolis with his wife Emily. While the legos are long gone, he enjoys designing and building ideas of all shapes and sizes.