RAW workshops range from 7-14 days, during which you will go through the entire process of designing and building a complete project.


RAW is a full-immersion experience. You won’t have to imagine the site or client as you stare at a screen.  Instead, you’ll design for shade with the heat of the sun on your back, or design for comfort as the daylight gives way to the night sky. As you put your designs into action, you’ll experience firsthand the real, immediate and unavoidable consequences of your decisions.

I really enjoyed learning about the construction process.  It was kind of neat to see how we adjusted details a little bit as we were building.  I also thought it was great to be building on the land where we were staying.  That connection to the every-day rhythms of the place was unique.”


Completing a successful project from start to finish takes more than individual technical know-how. It requires the ability to collaborate, communicate and course-correct based on an intuitive understanding of your craft, the materials, the environment and the players involved.

“RAW helped me discover my gifts for organization, motivation and leadership.”   


As you design, build, live and play in stimulating and rich surroundings, you’ll develop an intuitive response to the factors that influence your design decision-making and experience the broader, real-world impact and constraints of architecture. You’ll leave RAW with an intimate understanding of how your design decisions, large and small, impact all the stakeholders of a project: the client, the community, the environment and you. You’ll have an unprecedented appreciation for the craft and a whole new set of skills.

“Without the experience of RAW, I not only would be missing the best learning experience that I’ve encountered, but I would be missing an amazing addition to my resume and portfolio.”


Are you a risk-taker or a rule-breaker?  Someone who’s hungry for new experiences and open to new ideas? Are you willing to push yourself, stretch yourself and put yourself out in the world?

Most RAW workshop participants are taking (or have completed) coursework in architecture and design.  But that’s not a requirement.  We’re looking for people who have:

A keen desire to learn about design and construction in a hands-on environment.

A strong interest in expanding your worldview and exploring the role of design in non-traditional settings.

The ability to communicate ideas and concepts visually and verbally.

Flexibility and a willingness to accept uncertainty and change.

The ability to work collaboratively on a team.

If you’ve got what it takes, we wholeheartedly encourage you to apply!