RAW is jackhammers, jackrabbits, jungle and joists.
It's off the grid and on the fly.

RAW is site-specific and uncontained. A dance between radical and practical—requiring full participation of your body and brain.

RAW is a fulcrum for change and a portal to what’s possible—when you take a hands-on approach to architecture & life.


Oaxaca 2015 is coming March 14-22, 2015!
Applications received by December 1st receive $100 credit off program fees.

Quote Rotator

β€œRAW helped me discover my gifts for organization, motivation and leadership.”
"RAW was one of the most valuable learning experiences I have ever received. For me, the workshop definitely took me out of my comfort zone, but it helped me realize that you really can do anything if you're willing to try it!"
"In school we often get categorized and known for one thing we're good at. At RAW, every student was encouraged to try different aspects of design, construction, leadership, and teammwork, which allowed me to get to know myself better in all those areas. I learned to be more confident about my ideas and strengths."
"I really enjoyed learning about the construction process. It was neat to see how we adjusted details a little bit as we were building. I also thought it was great to be building on the land where we were staying. That connection to the every-day rhythms of the place was unique."
I would recommend RAW to all architecture and design students. This is the type of program that should be standard in all studios worldwide. This method of learning is so valuable and every student should be exposed to something like this.
"I learned so much. The incredible site, amount of design input students had, and the full range of tools and skills developed. The entire project was an opportunity to learn."